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Micheal Prince joins us!
Scott Forbes The Role of Exercise and Nutrition on Cognitive Health.
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The purpose of this presentation is to outline the recent evidence for non-pharmaceuticals to treat and/or maintain cognitive health as we age.
Alcohol has always had a reputation as a popular social lubricant, helping to enable wallflowers to open up and share their thoughts and knowledge.
Time tracking is not the funniest part of work.
In this presentation, Mountain FM morning show host Rob Murray will show you the basics of editing and producing audio files.
So I brought it here when I came to Canmore.Hint: It aint Twilight.Hint: Its the furthest one.This week weve got more clean-comedy spitting your way: A bloody gerbil, Vaccinating a teddy bear, Taking out your brain, A psycho hospital toilet and much more!Geographical name changes proposed, the First Nations that were the original residents of the Bow Valley and southern Alberta have proposed significant name changes to locations and geographical.This weeks stories: James kinda apologizes to California.Lets hope they never perfect.Its an extra long episode so hold on tight!This week Mackie is licking lotion off people no matter where it may.

Then Zeke requests the I Like Spaghetti recap song, a fan favorite.